How to clean your acrylic stone display ?

Time: 2019-02-27 11:04:11     Source: Quartz Stone Display

When acrylic stone display is dirty, do you know the best way to clean?

1. We're not able to use coarse cloth to wipe the outer lining of acrylic, it will scratched and become fog;

2. Please use cotton or wool cloth by toothpaste to polish acrylic with patience. After which flushing with water, the acrylic can become increasingly bright.

3. Squeeze the wet cloth with toothpaste in acrylic surface, constantly draw circle and rub. Make sure to then add activity toothpaste if it's necessary, we've got to keep moist on the outside.

4. If perhaps the acrylic counter is dirty, you can wash with water after washing and cleaning. Adhere to what they it fogs off, you should spend a lot of time polishing to get better it.

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