Contrast Marble to Achieving High Design

Time: 2018-04-28 11:18:22     Source: Quartz Stone Display

There are many design tools and techniques to help you achieve a high end look.Once you have your project goals identified and a clear understanding of what you want to highlight or what you want to hide, designing with contrast is a very effective tool. 

When we think of contrast we often think of color, but designing with contrast encompasses a whole range of options that goes far beyond just color. There is contrast of hard and soft textures, shiny and matte reflective surfaces, large and small scale, and contrast of shapes. But don’t just stop there, think outside the box; the pairing of elegant and everyday objects, modern and traditional pieces, repetition and patterns. These are all pairings of contrast and when done right can elevate your interior and exterior spaces into high design. 

Contrast in shape and texture opens up a lot of possibilities.The curving lines of the furniture and the contrasting colors really focus the design but the Ital Bar-On feature wall is a show stopper; The polished concrete formed to resemble soft draping fabric is just stunning. And finally both contrast in color and scale. The polished Marble floors provide the perfect backdrop to this stunning interior space. 

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