Granite Vs.Glass mosaic tiles Vs. Marble

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Though it’s not really a competition – marble, granite, and glass mosaic tiles do have their own advantages, disadvantages and best uses. If you are making selections for your new home’s kitchen, baths and accents or if you are preparing to remodel your kitchen or bath; it is helpful to know which tile works best for floors, counter-tops, wall accents, and all those places where tiles will give beautiful stylish drama to your home. 

Granite is actually crystalline, igneous rock, which makes for strong tile. Granite can be purchased in solid slab cuts or in tiles for a less expensive option. Granite ’s favorite application is kitchen counter-tops but it can also be used effectively in the bathroom where its thick tough resilience makes it an ideal choice. As a natural stone, granite comes in gorgeous patterns featuring beige’s, blues, reds, greens, yellows, black and white, but trim options can be somewhat limited and sealing is needed to keep it looking its best well into the future. 

Glass mosaic tiles are among the prettiest tile offerings with luminescent color and varied shapes and patterns. While glass tiles can be used for flooring (if rated as such and installed properly), their most popular uses are back-splashes and accents in classic tile presentations. Nothing beats glass mosaic tiles for their exquisite beauty and unmatched vibrant diversity, but you should keep in mind, you’ll need a glass mosaic tile installer to get the job done well so you can enjoy your glass tiles for years to come.

 Marble is a distinctive natural stone that offers a multitude of colors and exceptional swirling patterns. These diverse patterns make marble tiles look stunning when installed properly. When selecting marble tiles, all of your tiles should come from the same original batch. It’s always a good idea to purchase a few additional tiles to keep for backup. Marble’s most popular use is flooring, but it is also used on counter-tops and in wall applications as well. Marble is porous and must be sealed and cleaned to help prevent staining, scratching and cracking and to maintain its striking appearance for many years to come. 

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