The Most Popular West Coast Home Improvement Projects

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Replacing a garage door, adding manufactured stone veneer, minor kitchen remodeling, and adding or expanding a wooden deck are all projects that will add value to a home. The rest of the top ten projects in terms of ROI include wooden window replacement, basement remodeling, adding an attic bedroom, adding a fiberglass replacement entry door and vinyl window replacement. These five projects will all earn back over 90 percent of their cost.

One good piece of news is that for the last two years in a row, the West Coast beats the national average for ROI on every project on the Remodeling list. So if you see news about a particular project having a poor ROI, make sure you go deeper than the national numbers to see the figures in your area.

Home Efficiency
Both in stereotype and in practice, West Coast residents and state governments tend to put a high premium on energy efficiency and ecological friendliness. Some homeowners upgrade home efficiency for environmental considerations alone, but high energy costs compared to elsewhere in the nation add value to energy-efficient homes, too. There is a lot you can do with home automation to help make your home more efficient. Consider security options that offer energy management with a thermostat you can control from any web-enabled device. Those providers also allow you to turn off the thermostat during peak usage hours to conserve energy. Anyone considering a remodeling project should be aware of the Energy Star program, which offers rebates towards the purchase of efficient appliances and building supplies.

In addition to the Federal Energy Star program, there are state and even public utility incentive programs as well. California offers rebates and incentives through its Home Energy Efficiency Rebate (HEER) program, and Oregon offers its own tax credits. A little research during the planning phase could make your remodeling project more affordable and your home more valuable and comfortable.

Of course, some efficiency upgrades can also make your home more pleasing to the eye. specialist Mady Dahlstrom notes that new kitchen appliances can do both, as can windows that can help reduce energy costs and let in more light.

Home Age and Style as Considerations
What upgrade does your home actually need the most? The answer to that question depends largely on when your home was built. For example, older homes tend to be less efficient, so focusing on energy usage may be a wiser use of funds than a purely aesthetic remodel. In fact, many older homes rely on a period-appropriate design for their visual charm—why mess with a good thing?

Newer homes might already be efficient enough for you or potential buyers, but unless they’re brand new, they may be the best candidates for some appearance upgrades. Because styles change often, adding something as simple as a new kitchen counter and/or cabinets can make a big difference in how modern the home feels.

Remember Your Audience
Are you remodeling your home to suit your personality or that of unknown potential buyers? If you’re going to be staying in your home for a long time, it’s okay to think about some of the upgrades that don’t provide as much ROI, as long as they suit your needs. For example, Remodeling lists home office remodels and sunroom additions as the two worst projects for ROI. However, if that’s what you think your home needs, and their utility/enjoyment outweighs any immediate resale value, go for it. But when you’re building for resale, popularity should take precedence over personality

ؼ:The Most Popular West Coast Home Improvement Projects 
The Most Popular West Coast Home Improvement Projects