Advantages of Stone Sample Box

Time: 2019-07-20 11:28:17     Source: Quartz Stone Display

The stone sample box is a special existence. Unlike the it has similar functions to the stone display rack. But what are the specific characteristics of the stone sample box? Today we will introduce the stone sample box for everyone.

1. Protection function
The protective function is also the most basic function of the sample box, even if the stone is not damaged by various external forces. A piece of stone may have to be circulated several times before it can enter the exhibition or other places.
2. Convenient function
The stone sample box is lighter, more convenient and easier to carry and store than the stone display stand.
3. Easy to sell

The exquisite appearance and structure make it easier to attract customers' attention and stimulate customers' desire to purchase. It is also one of the selling points of stone sample boxes.

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Advantages of Stone Sample Box
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