Why are good stones so expensive?

Time: 2019-07-09 16:56:40     Source: Quartz Stone Display

People usually think that the stone is expensive, obviously it is the same stone, why some stone prices are so expensive, and some are relatively cheaper. That is because from production, sales, to after-sales service, customs are more than others to do, and invest more to create products that are better than others, so the stone is expensive, specifically where is it expensive?


1. A good selection of good materials, good quarry stone from good materials, first of all in the selection of blocks, has been carefully screened, collecting the best quality resources of countless good mines in the country, in production first Closed on the strict control.

2. The cost of employing people is also more willing to save money in terms of personnel costs. In order to let workers know more about stone knowledge and production processes, they often use daytime working hours to train and strengthen workers' skills, so that workers can find more in stone production. And help continuous improvement in product production.

3. Quality control, the biggest feature of good stone products is that the quality is excellent and reliable, which is inseparable from the strict control of the quality of the stone manufacturers in the production process, strict production, to ensure that the production of large plates is not easy The fracture is more wear-resistant, and the water-repellent rate is higher. This determines the same production of a large board. The large-scale production of the quality control will inevitably require more time and manpower and material resources.

4. Propaganda costs, good products must have good promotion, in order to let consumers know, and propaganda and advertising often occupy a vital position in the sales of a product, the propaganda channel is wide, the advertising is in place, the good product can There are sales, and a product often costs more advertising.

5. Marketing cost, the purpose of product production is to sell, in the sale will generate water and electricity fees, store fees, transportation costs, staff costs and other costs, and in order to create a more professional and quality image of a product, Often, the investment in these aspects will be much larger than that of the general stone enterprises. This is a big difference between good products, good brands and general fake products.

6. After-sales cost, in today's society, things are not sold out, and whether after-sales service is perfect has become a trump card for most merchants to enhance market competitiveness. Does your customer have a good shopping experience, to a certain extent? Will decide whether he will buy 2 times and become your old customer. Good stone enterprises tend to pay attention to after-sales service, often increase the investment of funds, and build a professional after-sales service team to provide customers who have already consumed. Good shopping experience, resulting in secondary consumption.

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Why are good stones so expensive?
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