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The use of stone railings should be protected to reduce the damage caused by external factors. The external damage of stone railings can be divided into artificial corrosion and natural corrosion. The details are as follows:

First, the stone railing is susceptible to artificial corrosion

1. In modern industry, the content of exhaust gas, such as nitride, carbide, sulfide, carbide and acid, is gradually increased. When the above substances are mixed with rainwater, acid rain is formed, which will corrode the stone railing and reduce its life.

2. The “waste” or “waste liquid” with acid or alkali in the modern industry erodes the stone railings and causes corrosion.

3. During the construction process, if the chemicals are accidentally sprinkled on the stone railings, it will cause corrosion.

4. When cleaning stone railings or curing, improper use of curing agents can easily cause corrosion to stones.

Second, stone railings are susceptible to natural corrosion

1. Nitrogen, oxygen and water vapor in nature produce acid rain containing nitric acid under the action of lightning, causing corrosion of stone railings.

2. Moss-like lower plants in nature, under certain conditions, accept water and oxygen in the air to corrode stone railings.

Stone railings are susceptible to corrosion from the above two aspects and should be strengthened during use.

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Stone railings new