How to identify the quality of quartz stone sample box

Time: 2019-04-12 11:33:34     Source: Quartz Stone Display

Quartz stone is one of the most utilized stones in the world. Therefore, the sales intensity of quartz stone is also very competitive. In order to better display their own stone characteristics, most of the purchased quartz stone sample boxes must reflect the taste of high-grade quartz stone before packaging. There are some bad sample boxes that see the profits of the company. Consumers use quartz stone sample boxes that don't understand quality to deceive consumers and maximize efficiency.

Quartz stone sample box

Then, as a purchaser of the quartz stone sample book, the quality of the stone sample box can be easily and roughly identified by these methods. No standard of high hit rate? Don't worry, I have a flaw.

The edge of a defective quartz stone sample is usually not smooth and has a rough hand. Especially in the corners that are particularly rigorous. It is easy to find defects. At the same time, the cutting conditions in the frame can also pick out the problem. Usually a big one is small, the top and bottom are not parallel, and so on.

The quality sample box is weighed in his hand with a thick feel. This is because the material selection of the sample box is compared. If it is a sample box made of inferior material, its weight is not centripetal, it floats.

Of course, one important factor is that as long as the total production quality of large enterprises is not bad. This is why we choose to buy goods, and we have a certain reputation for the company. For the purchase of quartz stone sample boxes, we should also choose a company or manufacturer with certain qualifications to purchase. So the possibility of buying fakes is even lower.

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