Glass For The Ultramodern Home

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What goes into building a super-sleek contemporary house? Be it The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann or Philip Johnson’s Glass House in Connecticut, glass is the perfect product for modern interior design and sets the bar as to what modernism and innovation in architecture is and can be. 
Many homeowners today are thinking of ways to enhance the home while keeping it beautiful and modern. Adding glass in a room makes it look larger, brighter and livelier. Glass reflects light and illuminates surfaces, thus enhancing the interiors. Says Aditya Bhutani, COO, AIS Glasxperts, “Mirrors are one of the simplest and most attractive ways of create illusions of space. Mirrors reflect the room and make it look bigger. Use of mirror tiles on an entire wall gives the impression that the room size is double than what it really is. Glass cabinets and shelves are light and unobtrusive and ideal for interiors if space is a constraint.” Transparent materials like glass and lucite work in every room to amplify natural light, make a space feel more open, and provide function without a heavy visual effect. Glass thus has the dual property of being decorative as well as functional.
Glass is becoming increasingly visible in the modern home in its various structures from the roof to the floor. The world of glass architecture has undergone a revolution with some amazing design ideas. Apart from window dressings, glass can be also used for any kind of furniture, flooring, wall partition, ceiling design and to enhance the beauty of architectural construction. Glass architecture due to its versatility uses natural light to make a room look airy and comfortable. White beddings and transparent accents create a natural and serene tone in your bedroom. The open modern look for homes can be easily achieved by installing glass walls. This could mean anything from a layered glass wall in your bathroom to a glass partition wall in your living room. Glass is perfect for of your balcony or your patio area as it creates a visual connection or seamless continuity to the outside. Getting the view you desire is now simple with the different kinds of glass available. Enjoy nature without interruptions with glass solutions like Heat Reflective Glass, Lacquered Glass, Tinted Glass from AIS that pan, privacy, energy & efficiency. Tinted Glass reduces heat transmission and helps prevent the interiors from heating up. AIS Décor has a coloured opaque appearance which makes interiors look fresh. The kitchen is another area where glass can be used for a seamless no restriction type vibe while adding value to your home. Glass cabinets, panels, cabinet doors, modular chimneys, sinks and on counter surfaces always add a sense of sparkle to your home. 
Gone are the days when glass was confined to the windows and doors of a home. There are no limitation to any kind of glass construction and design in today’s modern homes.

Author Bio: Mihir Mehta, 28 years old Marketing and branding professional working at Asahi India Glass Ltd. He is based in Mumbai, follows the latest technology and is a cricket fanatic. 

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